Jun 042013

Many computer users who look forward to giving their system a speed boost would switch to a solid state hard drive, short SSD, as upgrading to a solid state hard drive (SSD) is one of the best upgrades you can make in terms of general speed boosts. That said, the SSD is the most important performance component found in a modern system today. Without it you do not even have a performance system.

SSD Performance has shot up to new heights, prices have tumbled, and the choice of what’s available in the marketplace has become so vast and so varied that almost anyone can inject new life into their PC with a solid state hard drive upgrade.

After realizing the benefits of solid state hard drives, most people rush into buying the first product available at a healthy discount, without taking into consideration some vital factors, such as the reading speed, the type of memory used and even the technology chosen for build. While an attractive price will surely raise some eyebrows, rest assured that it comes with downsides.

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Mar 132013

If you are one of those who consider themselves mainstream computer users or even computer enthusiasts who do not consume more than 10 GBs of written data per day on their storage device drive, and at the same time you are looking for a substantial performance boost through a solid state hard drive, then you might have just come to the end of your pursuit path by reading this article.

Note: If you still find these SSDs expensive I would suggest you read our Best & Fastest Hard Drive article.

Let’s be honest, the majority of PC users do a whole lot of internet, mail, and light office document usage with a sprinkling of games and multimedia thrown in. Is a high-end, $400 SSD really going to make a big difference in use and feel? Coming from someone who has used them all – nope. So unless your usage demands it or you just have to have the fastest possible components, these mainstream SSDs will fit your needs nicely. Otherwise I recommend you to choose on of the premium SSDs presented in our Best & Fastest Premium SSD List.

The SSDs listed below are the best of their class, and they are mainly planned for mainstream computer users as long as they do not use more than 10 GB/day continuously for 3 years. Therefore this type of drives can last 5 or even 7 years without an issue at all, as long as it is not exhausted with heavy workloads on a daily basis.

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Jun 042013

Is your dream to revive your sluggish computer with the super speed of solid state hard drives but your budget is limited and does not help you in this regard? The good news is, this is no big worry with the huge fall of SSD prices. They become affordable to most of those who seek economical solution for a premium speed upgrade.

Just do not go so far with your dreams and imagine you can get the best SSD of 2013 for a little amount of money, but rather you will get a real quality SSD that is relatively cheap.

You may be aware that prominent SSD manufacturers, such as Intel, Samsung, Kingston, Corsair, Micron/Crucial, etc. have realized the expensiveness of SSDs to many computer enthusiasts who are still students and either take their allowance from their parents or have a part-time job for a small amount of money, therefore these manufacturers dedicated part of their efforts to producing value SSDs that comply with the budget limits of this kind of people.

So now anyone who remains undecided should know that there’s never been a better time to make the transition to SSD storage. Tumbling NAND Flash memory prices have made high-end drives cheaper than ever before, and right now, there are dozens of ultra-fast solutions on the market that we’d quite happily recommend.

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Apr 162013

An SSD upgrade is one of the best ways to breathe new life into an older system with a conventional hard drive. Even older, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD-based systems that don’t support the SATA 6G standard will see a huge speed increase when combined with an SSD. Adding a solid-state drive (SSD) to your computer is simply the best upgrade at your disposal, capable of speeding up your computer in ways you hadn’t thought possible. If you have a little spare time on your hands, do yourself a favour and upgrade to an SSD. You’ll be amazed at the performance boost for your system.

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Apr 112013

On the 9th of April 2013 Crucial started to launch the highly anticipated M500 product line and with it comes the first 1TB SSD in a consumer 2.5″ form factor. Crucial now offers a 960GB SSD at $600 which is cheapest in class, available now. Therefore it can be the best SSD of 2013 in term of price for capacity.

While it’s still not exactly low-cost, many applaud the fact that the company’s $600 960GB drive is the cheapest near-1TB model you can get on the market.

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Apr 072013

If you have just got your first solid-state drive (SSD) it is most probably you are in research for how to properly optimize your new drive to get it work at its best of speed and performance, and it is probable that you have found something related to AHCI mode and how the computer geeks strongly recommend using it for the purpose of maintaining the highest possible speed out of an SSD.

In this article you will learn everything you need to about AHCI mode which will help you realizing the importance of this feature and why you have to enable it if you are using an SSD.

Introducing AHCI:

AHCI stands for Advance Host Controller Interface. AHCI is the specification by which Native Command Queuing (a SATA-specific technology) is enabled. In other words it is a hardware mechanism that allows software to communicate with Serial ATA (SATA) devices (such as host bus adapters) that are designed to offer features not offered by Parallel ATA (PATA) controllers, such as hot-plugging and native command queuing (NCQ).

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Mar 302013

When your SSD performance starts to decline, one of the best thing you can do is erasing it. It is not only a matter of sanitizing the drive, but it will restore the loss of performance on systems with inefficient garbage collection. SSDs require different methods of maintenance from standard hard disk drives. One of the most commonly performed actions is to secure erase the drive. A secure erase differs from a format, and is the only way to completely erase a solid-state drive

Here in this article you will learn how to securely erase a solid-state drive securely to regain your lost performance.

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Mar 122013

Having a slow computer is one of the most frustrating thing in this world for the majority of mankind (I know I’m exaggerating a bit :-D). Many people tend to overcome this hassle by implementing the useless so called “speed tweaks” on their operating system, like the ones mentioned HERE until they eventually realize that they only gained minor benefits or none at all, and the overall speed of the system is still unbearable.

Once you reach this point of despair you need to think of changing a part of your computer hardware that is considered the major cause of this slowness, which is the hard disk drive (HDD), as it bears the prime responsibility for this “suffering” supposing your CPU is powerful enough and you have sufficient RAM space.

Here in this article you will learn about the best and fastest hard disk drives (HDD) that can noticeably increase the speed of your computer, without neglecting the fact that even if you possess the fastest platter-based hard drive in the world, it cannot stand in front of the speed giant: Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Anyway here we go with our list:

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Mar 062013

Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SSD has been picked as one of the best value solid state hard drives out there. “Kingston is committed to delivering SSDs at the best price to performance ratio as possible. We achieve this again with our next-generation SSDNow V300,” said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston. “The SSDNow V300 is the best cost-efficient upgrade for users who want their existing systems to perform faster. They will experience faster boot up and shutdown times, and will also see much better system performance when multiple applications are open.”

The Kingston SSDNow V-series has always been designed for ease of use and simplicity. Many consumers do not need a high dollar flagship SSD that brings a high price point along with the high performance. Many users have relatively light workloads that consist of email, internet browsing and heavy multimedia use. This type of usage pattern does not require the highest speed that money can buy, and for most common users the real decision comes down to price and reliability.

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Mar 032013

With the continuous declining of solid state hard drives prices, having an SSD as an external storage device can be a real appealing choice for everyone who is most concerned about speed and reliability.

This article you are currently reading contains the best external drive enclosures that you can use with your SSD to turn it into an external storage device. Have a look on our best three external SSD drives list if you are looking for a branded external solid state hard drive instead.

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